Amuka Esports acquires Organized Gaming, an esports content and lifestyle brand

TORONTO December 3rd, 2019 – Amuka Esports, announces it has fully acquired Organized Gaming, an esports content and lifestyle brand.  Founded in 2017 by Alex Kim and Chris Javier, the duo had a mission to create a unique brand with a more local and community-oriented feeling. 

The company has three main revenue sources; video content, podcast and merchandise.  Their video content is broken down into several different categories including #PassionForward which explores personal stories of esports influencers and How2, a longer form docu-series about different aspects of the esports and gaming industry.  To date they have produced over 80 videos and over 75K views.

“Organized Gaming has been a personal passion project of mine for years,” according to Alex Kim, Co-founder and CEO. “ I’m so excited to have finally assembled the right team to join Amuka’s family of contemporary esports brands. Esports is an incredibly fast paced and exciting industry but that also means continual innovation is key. Our mission is to move beyond the standard in game content and celebrate the people behind the screens; the people living passion forward.”

For Chris Javier, co-founder and COO, the challenges of a nascent esports market requires one to constantly adapt your strategy.  “”A developing market, in a vastly growing industry wins half our battle. The rest will require digital innovation, diligence and passion for the people we represent. We’ll also need a bit of luck, but that’s what will be left over after we combine the hard work in bringing esports into a space parallel to that of traditional sports. I am excited to close that gap.”

Ben Feferman, CEO of Amuka Esports was a fan of Organized Gaming from the beginning., “There are only two ingredients in the esports industry, authenticity and community.  A lot of companies have one or the other but Alex, Chris and the OG team have uniquely earned a loyal following in Toronto.  They have the necessary mix of grit and creativity that will play an integral role in our global strategy.”

Organized Gaming’s video content can be found on YouTube and their podcast BestOf3 can be downloaded from most podcast distribution platforms including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Stitcher. 

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About Amuka Esports

Amuka Esports is a vertically integrated esports company that creates localized esports hubs that support the casual and amateur gaming market 

About Organized Gaming

Organized Gaming is an esports media, culture and lifestyle company that delivers authentic content through their video, podcast and apparel lines.


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