Amuka Esports makes new investment in AXL Gaming, a top team in the fighting game community

TORONTO, November 1st, 2019 – Amuka Esports, announces it has closed its first investment with AXL Gaming Inc. Led by esports pioneer Alicia Junus, AXL Gaming has built a world-class roster of competitors across popular fighting game titles such as Tekken, Soul Calibur and Dead or Alive.  AXL Gaming has gone beyond the traditional team model and built a strong brand that represents diversity, inclusion and community.

The seed round of up to $200,000 led by Amuka Esports will give AXL the ability to build out their global roster, scale their content and media and launch AXL Summit, a first-of its kind tournament and gaming expo. 

Amuka Esports CEO, Ben Feferman, described why now is the right time for global expansion.

“Over the past few years there hasn’t been much brand innovation in the fighting game community.  But, what AXL has built, is a world class brand that competitors and fans can get behind and support because they know the community better than anyone else.  Alicia and team manager Kenney Ng are synonymous with fighting games and we feel they are the perfect duo to bring AXL to the top of the world stage.”

Already this year AXL has shown it has built the roster to compete and win.  In August they signed XCaliburBladez to the roster who has already qualified for the Dead or Alive World Championships and won both CEO in Daytona Beach, Florida and The Mixup in Lyon, France.

“We’ve had some great success this year with some of our competitors, such as Fergus two time Tekken World Tour finalist and RichSticks  grew from being a casual player to one of the best competitors in North America proven by his invitation to the WSOE 7 SoulCalibur VI Showdown, an international invite only premier event.  With the additional funding we can now focus on sending players to international tournaments and creating our grand tournament AXL Summit.”

While the prize pool for fighting games tends to be lower than some of tier 1 games, Tekken publisher Bandai Namco increased the prize pool to $185,000 for 2019 and will likely be followed by other titles. Additionally, AXL Summit will eventually feature 6 and 7 figure prize pools.

About Amuka Esports

Amuka Esports is an active esports creation company that acquires assets in underserving market segments within the esports ecosystem. Their focus tends to be in the casual gaming market which is less reliant on a specific title or publisher and more of a bet on people playing and watching Esports.

About AXL Gaming

AXL Gaming is a professional esports fighting game team, that takes enthusiasts and gives them a chance to become a sponsored tournament competitor.


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