Amuka Esports acquires minority stake in The Center Ring, one of North America’s top esports podcast.

TORONTO / DALLAS, November 19th, 2019 – Amuka Esports, announces it has acquired a minority stake in The Center Ring esports podcast.  Founded by lifelong gamers and friends Tim Krajewski and Anuj Bajaj, the duo has already set many milestones with their podcast.  Over the past three years they have produced 192 episodes, setting a high industry standard.

The focus of The Center Ring is esports news and commentary from a fan perspective.  They cover the top tournaments of the week, follow esports news and interview key stakeholders in the industry. 

“There wasn’t a proper esports talk-show for people to listen to.  Everything out there was either about one game or topic and never seemed consistent.  With my background in sports radio and my passion for esports I knew I could provide that ‘one stop’ podcast for fans to rally around,” according Tim Krajewski, the founder and self-proclaimed “captain of the ship.”

The Center Ring boasts over 12,000 monthly downloads along with an active following on Twitch and Discord.   It is consistently a top trending podcast on platforms such as iTunes, and Spotify and Bill Galluccio from iHeart Radio called it “one of the best esports podcasts out there.”

For co-founder Anuj Bajaj, it’s the passion that fuels the podcast.  “The esports community is something that I have grown up being a part of.  I want esports to succeed and if Tim and I can be a part of the success that would be great.  I grew up playing in traditional team sports which gave me a competitive drive that has continued to be satisfied through esports.  This podcast is a job for me, not a hobby.  I want to be the best esports podcast and I won’t stop until we reach the top.”

For  Amuka Esports CEO Ben Feferman, TCR was a love at first listen.  “I was hooked on TCR after the first episode.  Tim and Anuj really bring a one-of-a kind commentary that will engage and entertain gamers and non-gamers alike.  Even though it’s been going on for three years, there’s this excitement that we are really just scratching surface of something huge.”

The Center Ring can be downloaded from most podcast distribution platforms including iTunes, Goolge Play, Spotify and Stitcher. 

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About Amuka Esports

Amuka Esports is an active esports creation company that invests, acquires and incubates companies that focus on amateur and casual gaming 

About The Center Ring

TCR is a leading esports podcast discussing news, highlights and commentary from the esports world. 


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