Amuka Esports announces the launch of Level SIX, Canada’s first dedicated Esports incubator

TORONTO, Dec. 27, 2019 /CNW/ – Amuka Esports has announced the launch of a new project called Level SIX, a dedicated incubator for esports and gaming companies.  The 10-week program is designed to help entrepreneurs get their product or service to market with mentorship, a dedicated advisor, access to corporate sponsors and venture capital.

The inaugural program will feature six companies representing many of the different industry verticals.   The program will take place at Waves Gaming in Toronto and will be streamed on Twitch for out of town applicants.  Level SIX is planning on opening up in Detroit, Cleveland, Ottawa and Montreal by the end of 2020.

According to Amuka Esports CEO and Level SIX founder, Ben Feferman, the concept came in a rather unusual manner.  “Originally, we were turning away a lot of great companies and entrepreneurs because they didn’t fit into our ‘local esports hub’, but they were still great companies.   So, we started researching some of the obstacles they were facing and decided to launch Level SIX to get these great ideas out into the market.”

While there are many incubators out there in the market, it was important to Chris Lamarucciola, CEO of Shattered Dreams and a Level Six Advisor, to be able to create real value for each company.  “When we built this program, we tried to put ourselves in their shoes and give them access to a lot of things we wished we had as a start-up.”

All applicants will be able to make Waves Gaming in Toronto, one of the largest esports venues in Canada, their temporary home.  The revamped facility will give companies access to dedicated workspace, state-of-art streaming stations as well as video production space to create content and build their brand.  The facility was founded by longtime friends, Khaled Sherif and Ahmad Al Jamal, who saw a bigger plan beyond just gaming.  According to Ahmad, “It was really important for us to build a venue that was for the community, by the community and opening our doors to Level SIX was the obvious way to make that happen.”

Josh Marcus, managing partner of MKM Esports, and Level SIX advisor jumped on board because of the synergistic opportunities.  “When you put enough esports companies together under one roof, some magic is bound to happen.  We’ve been working with early-stage companies on the legal and agency side for two years now and have a good grasp of what are some of the services they need to succeed.  We’re excited to be able to provide that for the next generation of esports startups.”

Registration will open January 1st 2020 for the first cohort based in Toronto and will start on March 1st, 2020. 

For more information on Amuka Esports contact [email protected] and to reach Level SIX please contact [email protected]

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Amuka Esports creates localized esports hubs in cities across North America.  Each hub consists of a game venue, tournament organizer, content team, merchandise brands and incubator. 


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