Basement Gaming Esports League

League Play will start Nov 12, 19, 26 – Dec 3, 10, 17, Jan 7th and the MAIN EVENT on Jan 14th.

Players will earn points from Nov 12 to Jan 7th and the top 8 players for NHL and FIFA will get free entry into the main event.

Players will receive points for their best 5 appearances during the 7 preliminary events. Players sign up for EITHER the NHL or FIFA league but not both.

Points are awarded during the daily bracket:

10 points: You win the day’s bracket
8 points: You come 2nd
5 points: You come 3rd (bronze medal game is played)
4 points: You come 4th
3 points: You finish 5th-8th
2 point: You finish 9th – 16th
1 point: You participated

For the first event, players will be seeded at random. After the event, players will be seeded by points to date.

Tie breakers: For seeds 5th and above, higher rank is awarded to the person with the best goal differential, then goals for, then head 2 head record, then totals shots on goal, then coin toss.
The Second event and onward, players will be first seeded by points then new players will be at the bottom. If there is more than one new player, random number generator will determine which of the bottom seeds they will be.

Admission Prices:

Season Pass (First 7 events) – $85 ($35 prize pool + $50 venue) Includes entry into an NHL or FIFA Bracket.

Entry into Daily Retro sold separately.

Day Pass – $15 Venue Fee + $5 fee for each bracket you enter (NHL, FIFA and/or Retro)

Main Event – Free for 16 qualifiers (8NHL+8FIFA)

Waves Members are free to join. Just pay $5 per bracket you want to enter.


Daily NHL/FIFA Bracket Winner – $5 per person goes into pool.
1st – 50%
2nd – 35%
3rd – 15%

Retro Bracket (each week there is a featured retro game. You can play for fun or pay $5 to enter the bracket)
Daily – 1st – 75%
2nd – 25%

Final Event (Same for NHL and FIFA):
1st – $150
2nd – $75
3rd – $25

8 FIFA and 8 NHL players enter for free and play for $250 (each) prize pool (minimum).